Pets Rain Footwear
Pets Rain Footwear
Pets Rain Footwear
Pets Rain Footwear

Pets Rain Footwear


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We have created these extreme weather shoes to protect your puppy from the rain, snow, or other times when your dog may need outside protection. The brightly colored red and black colors with protective properties allow your dog to enjoy the outdoors without the weather. The shoes use PVC environmentally friendly material, which is non-toxic, flexible, and soft that can be voluntarily bent, without damaging the animal's foot pain. And it has no rain, no water and is prone to skid. It protects your pet's feet from getting wet when they walk on wood, canopy, and sea. Let pets no longer be afraid to walk in wet areas.


  • Type: Dogs
  • Material: 100% Cotton
  • use: Dog waterproof footwear
  • Material: cotton+silicone

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