Cat Natural Premium Catnip
Cat Natural Premium Catnip
Cat Natural Premium Catnip
Cat Natural Premium Catnip

Cat Natural Premium Catnip


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10g/20g/30g Cat Mint Cat Toys CAT's FOOD SUPPLIES Catnip Cattle Cats Flavor Funny katten speelgoed Natural Premium Organic 100% Pet Healthy Safe Edible Treating

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This Catnip is natural and does not contain toxic substances, and is harmless and healthy for cats. Catnip is rich in vitamin C, etc., it can effectively meet the needs of the cat's body, thus improving the cat. Peppermint leaves are rich in chlorophyll. The cat cannot meet on its own so the cat will automatically eat to provide vitamins to stay healthy. A cat can clean teeth, improve oral hygiene, prevent oral diseases, and maintain a clear scent by chewing mint leaves to strengthen the bond between your cats.


  • Toys Type: Catnip Toys
  • Type: cats
  • Material: Cat Mint
  • Volume: 120ml/280ml/360ml
  • Type: Dried Catnip
  • Net Weight: 10g/20g/30g
  • Type: kattenspeelgoed catnip
  • Type: Natural Catnip

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