Interactive Feeder Bowl
Interactive Feeder Bowl
Interactive Feeder Bowl
Interactive Feeder Bowl

Interactive Feeder Bowl


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Ceramic dog food bowl Dogs Feeder Bowl high-quality Interactive Pet Slow Feeder Silicone Soft Silicone

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This delicious Interactive Feeder Bowl Dog Bowl app is customized to promote healthy eating, adjust animal weight, extend feeding time to prevent digestion. With Fun feeders, pets eat healthy and balanced food. A reasonable distance between the community and the village can effectively delay the speed of animal feed. The smooth design of the area, to avoid the animal's mouth and tongue in the discharge. The shape of the Maze allows your pet to enjoy grabbing food from this unique fish-shaped container bringing more fun and enhancing its energy. Suitable for most dogs, regardless of weight and type, Easy to clean with water, not scratched, but do not scratch, Special design, smooth, can not be picked up by a dog.


  • Size: 25 * 18 * 5.6 cm
  • Colour: Blue, Green, Pink
  • Material: Soft Silicone
  • Package Included: 1 x Pet Slow Feeder

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